Your First Step Towards Stability

We at Stackbee Infotech personally handle your entire professional Technology
needs with precision and care.

What We Do?

We deliver both fully outsourced and regularly scheduled on-site support. We also provide one-time and per-project work for existing and new customers, covering everything from networking and security, to upgrade cycles and project consultancy for customers to meet any need.

With a focus on small to medium-sized customers, we strive to provide the highest value computer support services available. Our customers span a diverse range of industries, including advertising, construction, finance, entertainment, legal, and manufacturing. For every customer, we develop and deliver a customised support plan to satisfy their unique situation, requirements and budget.


Stackbee operates through a distributed network of technicians employed by us and controlled by a central helpdesk. This means that we can provide seamless remote and onsite support throughout Mumbai with solid service level agreements.


Why Stackbee Infotech?

We at Stackbee Infotech understand that compliance is an essential component of a growing company as the success of any business depends upon the public image it holds. We personally handle your entire professional or individual IT needs with precision and care...

Professional Service

Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them.

Dedicated Team

Stackbee Infotech has a dedicated team of experts having years of experience in the industry in managing technology, trading, manufacturing and NBFC companies.

Smart Solutions

Stackbee Infotech have provided consultancy to implement compliance at organization level and also performed migration of infrastructures.

Quality Support

We provide personalized services for taking care of the IT equipment in your facilities along with providing on-site support to troubleshoot and obtain any posible solution.

Our Partners

We collaborate with the industry’s most trusted strategic alliance partners to provide you with access to the latest technologies and premium technical support. This allows us to provide specialist technology infrastructure solutions that help you accelerate your ambitions.

We are working with our partners to deliver ever more innovative, effective and successful projects and their support has been vital in achieving our Mission and Vision.


Encompassing A Broad Range Of Your Requirements